Reiko Nakatsukasa Piano Recital
In earth's many coloured dream

Live-Recording in Ishihara Hall, Osaka, Japan
Date: 31, March 2000
F.CHOPIN / Nocturne

  1. E-flat major Op.9-2

  2. D-flat major Op.27-2
M.RAVEL / "Miroirs"

  3. I. T. Nocturnal Mothes

  4. II. U. Sorrowful birds

  5. III. V. A small boat on the ocean

  6. IV. W. Morning Song of Crown

  7. V. X. The valley of bells
R.SCHUMANN / Fantasie in C major Op.17

8. I. T. To beplayed fantastically and passionately

9. II. U. Moderately, Energetic throughout

10. III. V. Slow and sustained, Quietly throughout
Victor / NCS-202
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